MTools is an advanced technology toolset for using the MedDRA terminology that has some similarities to the tools provided by the MedDRA MSSO.  MTools and the MSSO toolset meet different needs, though, which has allowed Terminologix and the MSSO to collaborate in the development of MTools.

MSSO Background

Although the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) owns MedDRA, the day-to-day business of maintaining the terminology is carried out by the MedDRA Maintenance and Support Services Organization (MSSO).  The MSSO is operated by a third party under contract to ICH.  The five-year MSSO contract is currently held by Northrup-Grumman Corporation, and the MSSO operates from Northrup-Grumman’s headquarters in Falls Church, VA with contractors and affiliates around the world.  The primary job of the MSSO is to continuously maintain and update the MedDRA terminology in all 14 translations.  In addition, the MSSO provides a basic set of software tools for using MedDRA: PC and mobile browsers, a version analyzer, and an API.

MSSO/Terminologix Collaboration

On the surface, it might appear that MTools and the MSSO toolset are competitors but in fact, the MSSO and Terminologix had an informal collaboration to develop MTools.  In the early stage of MTools development, the IT and medical staff at the MSSO provided invaluable input and consultation that significantly improved MTools.  Later, the technologists at MSSO reviewed and provided feedback on the MTools API (MTApi).  Most recently, Terminologix and the MSSO worked together to enable MTools to authenticate MedDRA subscribers using the MSSO identity server, which serves that function for the MSSO’s own mobile browser.  We at Terminologix gratefully acknowledge the collaborative support provided by the MSSO in the development of MTools.

MTools Advantages

Although the MSSO does a great job, we believe there are many advantages to using MedDRA with MTools.  We started with a clean sheet and developed MTools using the latest technologies while incorporating our years of experience in real-world MedDRA applications.  The result is an advanced toolset for users who need more than basic capabilities.  Take a look at our introductory video to learn more:




Advantages Of MTools

  • Integrated toolset

  • High performance

  • Ease of use

  • Global scalability

  • Natural language searching

  • Integrated coding tool

  • High-speed case series analysis

  • Browser-based

  • An API for custom scripts/programs


Try MTools today! It is free to use for MedDRA subscribers. You will find our system to be fast, easy-to-use, and effective in your practice. Be sure to check out our clinical page or technical page depending on your MedDRA needs.