We started work in June on the next tool in the MTools toolbox…a free online MedDRA® coding tool that will accelerate your MedDRA® coding tasks and improve the quality of your codes.  Please read on to learn what is planned and how you can help guide the development of a free coding tool that meets your needs.

Why Choose Terminologix For Coding?

MedDRA® coding is not new at Terminologix.  We developed the first MedDRA® coding tool that incorporated natural language search, and it has been in validated, production use by hundreds of people at large and medium size pharma companies for more than a decade.  It was developed collaboratively with a team of experienced MedDRA® coders to meet their needs and significantly improved coding productivity and accuracy compared to previous commercials coding tools.  Now, we want to bring that capability to organizations of all sizes who need coding capabilities.  If you are doing any sort of MedDRA® coding you know that it can be done better. Faster, more accurate systems can free up your time and reduce your stress regarding coding quality. Terminologix is building that system now and it will be free to use for MedDRA® subscribers. 

Our Coding Tool Capabilities

Here is our current thinking on what our coding tool should do:

  • Upload a list of verbatim terms in an Excel, text or JSON file
  • Autocode all exact LLT matches (case-insensitive)
    • Sequence through uncoded terms:
    • Automatically search MedDRA® for matches to verbatim term and display them in selected hierarchy view
    • Allow coder to execute additional searches to find the best term if needed (usually not needed due to natural language search in MTools)
    • Click a MedDRA® term to code the verbatim term
    • Proceed automatically to next uncoded verbatim term
  • Download list of verbatim terms with MedDRA® codes and term text as Excel, text or JSON file when done

What else do you need in a coding tool?  We don't like to work in a vacuum at Terminologix and value your input.  Please contact us with your needs at the bottom of this page or through the "Contact" menu.

Coding Tool Benefits



  • Autoencoder finds all exact LLT matches immediately after upload
  • MedDRA® coding tool moves through the list of remaining uncoded terms automatically to optimize coding speed
  • Natural language search of MedDRA® for verbatim terms finds the right term fast…usually near the top of the first page of search results without further searching
  • Just click to code the verbatim term.  No copying and pasting codes and term text
  • Download fully coded list ready for use immediately



Natural language searching helps coders find the right term with confidence.  Synonyms, stemming, partial word match, word order independence and other capabilities help find the right term


When we built our first MedDRA® coding tool, the users told us their biggest issue was lack of confidence that they were always finding the right MedDRA® term for a particular verbatim term.  Working together, we developed a search algorithm that thought the way they did and found the right term almost every time.   A study we performed showed that the right term showed up in the first 20 search hits more than 85% of the time.  It was fast and the users were confident they had the right term.

Watch for the Prototype!

Check back frequently during June and July to see a working prototype.  We use an iterative development approach at Terminologix so that our products evolve rapidly to meet real-world needs.  Watch our home page (https://www.terminologix.com) for more information and please contact us with additional requirements or to let us know about any problems.  Collaboration is the key to developing a MedDRA® coding tool that meets your needs.