Browser Capabilities

Flexible Searching You can select any language and MedDRA version for navigation and search.  Your search can also be limited by term type, LLT currency, and PT scope (narrow or broad).
Natural Language Search MTools uses a sophisticated natural language search term that helps you find the right term fast.  Just enter a phrase or even a word fragment at it instantly returns all likely matchs.  "Vag bleed" finds all terms associated with vaginal bleeding, hemorrhage (or haemorrhage or bloody discharge.  Matches are returned with the most relevant terms sorted to the top.
Contextual Display The results of a search may be displayed as a list or with the terms in their hierarchical context (MedDRA or SMQ hierarchy) so you view the relationships between the search terms and their higher level parent terms.  You can tell at a glance whether two LLT matches are under the same PT and primary SOC or in a different SOC altogether.
Hierarchical Navigation Instead of searching for terms, you can also navigate from the top of the MedDRA or SMQ hierarchies through successive levels to find a term.  You can even combine search and navigation so you can visualize terms near to another term.  
Additional Languages You can select any number of additional languages to display in the results alongside the primary search language you select.
Customized Views You can customize your view of a set of terms with just a few clicks: open or close specific terms, open all subordinate terms, close sister terms.  There are also specialized views available for looking at the full SMQ hierarchy or a list of algorithmic SMQs.
Copy & Paste You can copy the code or term text for any term on the page to the clipboard with a single menu selection.
Term Drilldown Click on the "info" button next to any term to learn everthing there is to know about that term and it's history.  The full history of the term is shown on the same page in a graphical chronology of changes over time.
Printable Reports A single click will provide a printable PDF report of the view you've created, term details or term chronology.

Excel Download

All of the information in your view can also be downloaded to Excel in a multi-page workbook that provides multiple ways or looking at the data and complete details of the search you used to acquire the information.
Retain information between sessions The view and term details you generate are automatically saved when you leave your web browser so you can pick up where you left off the next time.  No need to download your work and reload each time.
Integration with Bin Tool The Browser is fully integrated with the Bin Tool so you can send all or any terms that you select to the Bin for aggregation across searches.  This feature is very helpful for query generation and coding of complex terms.



Reference Material

Verbatim term list

Upload this text file to test the MTools coding tool. 100 verbatims.

Verbatim AE terms.txt

Verbatim terms with id and type

Upload this Excel file to test the MTools coding tool. 100 verbatims with simulated row id and term type.

Verbatim AE terms-id-type.xlsx

Contact Us

Contact the experts at Terminologix if you have any questions about MTools.  If you have had frustrations with the MSSO Browser, we urge you to try our MTools MedDRA browser and see the difference our interface makes in your coding and analysis.  As always, please let us know if there is anything we can do to make the MTools Browser more useful in your daily work.