Coding Tool Capabilities

Select language & version You can select any language and MedDRA version for coding.
Upload verbatims Upload a text or Excel file containing a list of terms to be coded.  You can add/modify/delete verbatim terms once loaded or add a list of verbatims directly into the coding tool.  Verbatim terms may include optional row identifiers (e.g. case number-event number) or verbatim types (e.g. event, medical history, lab, cause of death).
Autocode verbatim terms Exact LLT matches for verbatim terms ("autocodes") are found on upload and can be confirmed with a single button click.
Sort the verbatim term sheet The application displays a table of verbatim terms with optional row id and term type that can be sorted by any column including coding status (uncoded, autocoded, coded, recoded).
Modify the verbatim term sheet Verbatim terms can be modified or deleted and new terms can be added to the verbatim term sheet.
Split compound terms Some verbatim terms contain multiple medical concepts.  You can split the term into two (or more) with a single click and code the term for each distinct medical concept.
Code terms quickly and accurately The system quickly sequences through the verbatim term sheet and automatically searches MedDRA for matches.  Natural language searching puts the most likely terms near the top of the list of candidates.
Override autocodes Not every exact LLT match is the right coding choice.  The MTools coder allows you to override exact matches and marks them as "recodes" for tracking purposes.

Find difficult terms

There are several features that help you find the best LLT choice.  You can view terms in a particular SOC, create a bin tool to capture candidates for comparison, create a browser tool with the term for advanced searching, and more.
Retain information between sessions The in-process coding sheet is retained in the browser so you can pick up where you left off the next time.  No need to download your work and reload each time.
Download coded term sheet The results can be downloaded in an Excel workbook with three sheets: original uploads (audit trail in case of changes), autocodes, and the coding sheets as modified and coded by the user.  New terms can be added to the workbook at a later time and uploaded to continue coding.



Reference Material

Verbatim term list

Upload this text file to test the MTools coding tool. 100 verbatims.

Verbatim AE terms.txt

Verbatim terms with id and type

Upload this Excel file to test the MTools coding tool. 100 verbatims with simulated row id and term type.

Verbatim AE terms-id-type.xlsx