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  • Multiple concurrent browsers
  • All versions and languages
  • Natural language search
  • Multiple hierarchical views
  • Drill-down to term details and chronology
  • Download spreadsheets and formatted reports
  • Sub-second search speed
terminologix browser

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Research Bin

  • Aggregate and curate term lists in “research bins”
  • Multiple concurrent bins
  • Load terms from browser or file
  • Add search hits, selected terms or subordinates from a browser
  • Add/remove groups of terms inside the bin
  • Download/upload results
terminologix research bin

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MedDRA Coding Tool

  • Code any language or version
  • Upload verbatim terms from text or Excel file
  • Autocode exact match LLTs
  • Add/edit/delete terms in verbatim term list
  • Rapid and accurate manual coding
  • Download results with audit trail

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Terminologix coding tool

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Case Series Analyzer (prototype)

  • Hierarchical analysis of AE cases
  • Includes SMQ algorithms
  • Interactive graphical displays
  • Create multiple sub-series
  • Displays case grids with descriptive statistics
  • Sort and filter grids
case series analyzer

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Version Analyzer

Not implemented yet. Terminologix has had MedDRA® version analysis tools in validated production use at large pharma companies for more than a decade. We want to hear about new requirements before we implement our next generation version analyzer.

What Else?

What other tools are needed to explore the full potential of MedDRA®? Let us know.




Natural Language Searching

  • Traditional vs. NLP search
  • The MTools search engine
  • Synonym lists
  • Search pre-processor
  • Synonyms
  • Advanced search techniques
  • Relevance scores
Under Construction

Advanced Browser Techniques

Under Construction

Using the Research Bin

Under Construction

Using the Case Series Analyzer




Reference Material

Case Series Analyzer Test Data

Upload this file to test the case series analyzer in MTools. 1000 simulated AE cases with 1-15 coded events.


Advanced Search Query Syntax

MTools uses the Solr standard query parser for advanced searching. Here is the syntax for Solr queries.

English Language Synonyms

Each language can have its own synonym list in Solr. Only English synonyms are currently installed in MTools. Here is the list.