Is MTools Really Free?

Everyone likes good things that are free.  There just aren't very many to choose from.  Little wonder that we're all a bit skeptical about something being "free" and that applies to MTools as well.

We're often asked if MTools will always be free to use for MedDRA subscribers.  The simple answer is yes and no.  Our intention is to always provide MTools free of charge for occasional and low-volume use by MedDRA subscribers.  We hope that will stimulate a large and active community of users who contribute ideas and test innovations so we can make MTools the best it can be.  If the user base grows substantially, however, we'll need to find some way to pay for the increased servers, development and support costs that will come with it.  We're not really sure how we'll do that.  Our main concern right now is to build a user base and make MTools great.  When the time come, we'll have a dialog with users to find out the best way to cover the costs and maybe make a bit from our efforts.  One possibility would be a freemium model.  Everyone could use MTools free of charge for limited use each month but would need a subscription for high-volume use or to get certain premium services.  That's kind of the way MedDRA subscriptions work.  Academics and agencies pay nothing.  Small businesses have a nominal charge.  And the bulk of the costs are borne by large companies with the highest use.  We'll work it out later with your help.