Finding Drug Mentions in Social Media

A few years ago we did some research on how people misspelled drug names in social media as part of the industry effort to mine social media for ADRs.  Here are the results and a tool you can use.

MedDRA and Natural Language Processing (NLP)


What is the state-of-the-art in evaluating unstructured text like AER narratives and social media posts to identify MedDRA terms?

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Fear of Phishing

Can I login to MTools safely?

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Is MTools Really Free?

Users ask whether MTools will always be free to use

Using the Case Series Analyzer

The Case Series Analyzer prototype is a powerful new way to analyze a set of adverse event cases and fully understand the event profile at all levels of the MedDRA and SMQ hierarchies.  Interactive graphics, series sorting and filtering, and sub-series creation/analysis are all supported.

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